Spring & Summer Maintenance Tips

Just as you prepare your truck for the long winter months, there are steps and preventative measures to be taken once the weather gets warmer.

Components that should be serviced prior the transition from winter into spring and summer driving:

  • Air conditioning system, including the battery powered no-idle air-conditioning system, which increases driver operating costs if it goes down. Three issues must be addressed with no-idle A/C system preventative maintenance.
    • Start and run the system for 20 minutes
    • Inspect the auxiliary batteries, battery wire connections and terminals, and the systems power wires
    • Complete a visual inspection of the systems components
  • Service air dryers to eliminate moisture in the air system which builds up in the air brake and anti-lock brake systems
  • Radiator fins need to be blown/washed out and checked for debris
  • Inspection of fan hubs to ensure they will operate properly to transfer heat through the radiator and A/C
  • Inspection of drive belts, fan hubs, air and cab filters, engine hoses (chafing, rubbing or bulging) and tire pressure
  • Replacing fuel filters, as winter fuel can sometimes cause issues on changeover to summer fuel
  • Replacement of the DEF filter
  • Engine oil sample, and engine breather filter check
  • Inspection of windshields, wiper blades and washer fluid



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