Spring Break/Spring Brake

Along with a host of other upcoming promotions, CTS will be offering competitive prices on brake drums, shoes and brake installations. The brake system is by far the most important component on any truck Brakes should be regularly inspected by trusted repair facilities to ensure the system is working accordingly. A home visual inspection should include the following:

  • Measure pad and shoe thickness
  • Check for even wear of the pads and shoes
  • Check rotors for run out and hot spots
  • Check hardware to ensure it’s functioning and adjusted properly
  • Ensure wheel cylinders, brake lines and brake master cylinder are not leaking
  • Inspect calipers for wear, free movement or fluid leaks
  • Check the level and condition of the brake fluid
  • Inspect proper routing, brake placement and anti-lock sensor placement

While vocation and application are factors, it’s in the drivers best interest to have the braking system professionally checked every 2 services or roughly every 60,000 km. CTS has 6 locations across Saskatchewan and Manitoba to help serve you better. Brake offerings are available for all Kenworth Loyalty Card members*; free to sign up for on our website –> Custom Truck Sales

*Some restrictions apply.


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