Kenworth Working on a Hydrogen Fuel Cell T680 Model

Kenworth is developing a T680 day cab with a hydrogen fuel cell for drayage tractor operations at Southern California ports. The fuel cell was manufactured by Canadian company Ballard Power Systems and will charge the batteries on the truck while only producing water as an emission. The T680 will use lithium-ion batteries to power a dual-rotor electric motor which will drive the rear tandem axel with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The truck will have an electricity range of about 30 miles, until the on-board fuel system kicks in, which can provide sufficient range for a full day in regional hauling applications. This possibility provides Kenworth the opportunity to develop and progress important technologies which will shape the trucks of the future.m-cng-t680-1


One thought on “Kenworth Working on a Hydrogen Fuel Cell T680 Model

  1. wow. did you just say emit water as waste. Lovely, ‘cus this will go a long way in preserving our environment and reducing global warning. Nice!


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