The new line of Paccar engines were engineered to deliver optimum performance, durability, fuel economy and an overall lower cost of ownership for drivers. The newer MX-13 engine saw an increase in output to 510 hp and 1850 lb.-ft. of torque, while the MX-11 engine’s output clocked in at 430 hp and 1650 lb.-ft. of torque. Peak torque is delivered at 900 RPM which supports increased performance and flexibility. The team at Paccar has designed the MX engines with a B10 life, meaning that 90% of Paccar MX-11 and -13 engines are expected to reach over one million miles with the need of a major overhaul. The engines also come standard with remote diagnostics for ease of support, resulting in lower cost of ownership and maximum up-time. The 2017 models include: a new single cylinder air compressor, variable displacement oil pump, and variable speed coolant pump that provides drivers with better fuel economy. The MX engines also extend oil and fuel filter intervals versus previous models, and saving cost over the life of the engine. Lastly, the engines now utilize a single canister after treatment system, reducing weight by 100 lbs., which improves the ability to service and extends service intervals.



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