Spring Air Conditioning Promotion

Visit any of our 6 CTS branches from April 7th – July 31st to take advantage of a full Air Conditioning Inspection Promotion to ensure that your system is ready to keep you cool over the long hot summer. The weather is already into double digits with no sign of slowing. All makes and models are welcome to take part in the promotion! Visit our website for branch contact informaiton –> Contact UsACposterboard


Spring Break/Spring Brake

Along with a host of other upcoming promotions, CTS will be offering competitive prices on brake drums, shoes and brake installations. The brake system is by far the most important component on any truck Brakes should be regularly inspected by trusted repair facilities to ensure the system is working accordingly. A home visual inspection should include the following:

  • Measure pad and shoe thickness
  • Check for even wear of the pads and shoes
  • Check rotors for run out and hot spots
  • Check hardware to ensure it’s functioning and adjusted properly
  • Ensure wheel cylinders, brake lines and brake master cylinder are not leaking
  • Inspect calipers for wear, free movement or fluid leaks
  • Check the level and condition of the brake fluid
  • Inspect proper routing, brake placement and anti-lock sensor placement

While vocation and application are factors, it’s in the drivers best interest to have the braking system professionally checked every 2 services or roughly every 60,000 km. CTS has 6 locations across Saskatchewan and Manitoba to help serve you better. Brake offerings are available for all Kenworth Loyalty Card members*; free to sign up for on our website –> Custom Truck Sales

*Some restrictions apply.

Spring & Summer Maintenance Tips

Just as you prepare your truck for the long winter months, there are steps and preventative measures to be taken once the weather gets warmer.

Components that should be serviced prior the transition from winter into spring and summer driving:

  • Air conditioning system, including the battery powered no-idle air-conditioning system, which increases driver operating costs if it goes down. Three issues must be addressed with no-idle A/C system preventative maintenance.
    • Start and run the system for 20 minutes
    • Inspect the auxiliary batteries, battery wire connections and terminals, and the systems power wires
    • Complete a visual inspection of the systems components
  • Service air dryers to eliminate moisture in the air system which builds up in the air brake and anti-lock brake systems
  • Radiator fins need to be blown/washed out and checked for debris
  • Inspection of fan hubs to ensure they will operate properly to transfer heat through the radiator and A/C
  • Inspection of drive belts, fan hubs, air and cab filters, engine hoses (chafing, rubbing or bulging) and tire pressure
  • Replacing fuel filters, as winter fuel can sometimes cause issues on changeover to summer fuel
  • Replacement of the DEF filter
  • Engine oil sample, and engine breather filter check
  • Inspection of windshields, wiper blades and washer fluid


2017 Kenworth W900B

This unit was just sold and delivered out of our Saskatoon branch this morning. This unit came with a Cummins ISX15 550HP engine, RTLO-18918B Eaton transmission, 13,200 lbs Dana Spicer front axle and 4-way locking differential. Above and beyond the standard specs of this truck, the customer requested:

  • Carrier comfort Pro APU
  • Checker plated 1/2 fenders w/ built in chain hangers
  • Herd moose bumper
  • Heavy duty tool box mounted between frame
  • LED headlamps
  • Stainless bug deflector
  • Drop visor

Our goal is to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase. We can make your dream truck become reality. Visit us online.

Bendix Wingman Advance Standard on T680

Kenworth has announced that beginning July 1st; the Bendix Wingman Advanced collision mitigation system will now be standard for all new T680 models. The Bendix system is already a popular option among fleets, and will benefit all customers purchasing a T680 moving forward. It works by using a radar system mounted on the front of the truck, providing the driver with following distance, impact and stationary object alerts. The system also acts as a cruise controller, actively intervening to help maintain a safe following distance by reducing throttle, engaging the engine retarder, or if necessary, applying the brakes. The new Wingman system builds upon the existing ESP system to assist drivers to avoid potential collisions, rollovers, and loss-of-control systems. The ESP system is designed to stabilize the truck during loss of control on dry, icy or wet pavement situations.

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Jade Transport W900L

Thursday kicked off the Mid-American Truck Show, with over a million square feet and 1000 exhibitors dedicated to the trucking industry. Located at the Kentucky Expo Centre in Louisville, the expo boasts over 45 years of the newest industry products, up-to-date changes in the industry and an opportunity to connect with suppliers, distributors and customers. With Kenworth coming off of a year with record Class 8 market share, they proudly displayed a classy red, white and blue T680 Advantage. The new 2017 Paccar MX series engines and Paccar axles were also on display at the show.

Meanwhile at MATS, our friends at Jade’s Transport were displaying a new unit of their own. This freshly completed W900L Glider with a remake of a Sun Sleeper was the first time Jade has shown a Kenworth at the Mid-America Truck Show, and both us and the crowd love it. What do you think?